Man killed by his own brother as Witch suspect


By- Partha Prawal Goswami

One Kado Barman (45 years old) was brutally killed by his younger brother Farakiya Barman (20 years of age) on 11th July, 2011 at Damuri village under Bilasipara Police Station of Dhubri district.

Sources reveal that this is another case of witch killing, that has gripped the state in the recent past. Mentionable that Farakiya Barman was undergoing local treatment under Kado Barman, who by profession was an ojha (a local healer of diseases who heals people with mantras and prayers). When even after days of treatment Farakiya Barman was not recovered  from his disease, he believed that Kado Barman has let a witch free behind him.

This doubt turned to different color and on July 11th he stabbed Kado Barman to death. Police arrived at the scene as soon as they recieved the information about the murder and sent the dead body for post mortem to Dhuburi Civil Hospital. Farakiya Barman meanwhile surrendered himself at Bagaribari Police Station and was later on shifted to Bilasipara Police station.

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Man killed by his own brother as Witch suspect

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