Dead body recovered from Garage of Jorhat district of Assam


Within 24 Hrs of a suspected case of hanging of a youth in Lichubari area, yet another case of what was first thought to be of hanging later confirmed as murder has been reported from the by-pass are of Jorhat on 19’Th February, 2014. This time the victim Rahul Singh (22) was found hanged to death from the ceiling of his room hands tied from behind in Ratan Garage situate at the by-pass end of the national highway leading to Dibrugarh.

Rahul who hails from Silchar had recently shifted to Jorhat in search of employment and started working in the garage belonging to one Raman Singh. It has been learnt from the owner that Rahul Singh was diligent in his work and soon picked up key skills as a mechanic and attracted many customers

Police suspect it to be the handiwork of the three workers of a nearby garage belonging to one person nicknamed Bhai situated just next to the Brahmaputa hotel. Incidentally the present location of the garage was merely a 100 meters from the scene of crime. The three, one from Bihar and the other two had been picked up for interrogation after the police sniffer dog reached the room of the three suspected killers and sat besides the bed in which the trio slept.

Whatever maybe the reason but one thing that has come out sharply with the suspected hanging of the youth in Lichubari and today’s recovery of another hands tied that people are slowing becoming fearful and facing a state of anxiety with no surety for a safe come back once you venture out of your home either for work or for leisurely activities.

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Dead body recovered from Garage of Jorhat district of Assam

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 5 min