Surjeet Singh admits he went to spy against Pakistan


By- Staff Reporter | Date- June 29, 2012

Emotions ran high at the Attari border as Surjeet Singh stepped into Indian soil after spending over 30 years of imprisonment in Pakistan on yesterday, and promptly admitted that he had indeed been sent to spy against Pakistan. Surjeet served a life term following his arrest on charges of spying in the

Minutes after returning, at a press meet, Surjeet Singh was asked about the reasons for his been to Pakistan, and he first said, “Why do you people want me to speak about such things?” When questioned by journalists, he revealed that he had gone for spying against Pakistan. He also said the RAW (Research and Analytical Wing) was his handler, and then said the army had sent him to Pakistan.

During the press meet, to a question on the Sarabjit-Surjeet mix-up, he said that similar Urdu spellings of the names had led to the confusion.

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Surjeet Singh admits he went to spy against Pakistan

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 3 min