ULFA[I] Chairman dares India by joining Jungle life


It is no secret that Abhizeet Asom – the mysterious Chairman of United Liberation Front of Asom(Independent) or anti-talks faction as commonly known is London-based general practitioner Dr Mooqool Haazoriiqaa. This was first disclosed by Times of Assam in December 2011, when the first declaration of the Acting Chairman Dr Abhizeet Bormon was made by the outfit and has been a topic of discussion in different circles within Intelligence as well as Media.

Dr Abhizeet Asom alias Mooqool HaazoriiqaaIt is also known that Anup Chetia(presently in Gauhati Central Jail after Bangladesh deported him as exchange of prisoners), Mooqool Haazoriiqaa and Mukul Mahanta had gone together to participate in United Nations’s Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization(UNPO) world convention in 1997. Chetia and Haazoriiqaa had worked closely in the past in the nineties, especially in International Assignments. Ever since the announcement of the Chairman of ULFA[I] was done, Indian Intelligence was behind Anup Chetia to extract as much information as possible from 2012. It is none but Anup Chetia, who provided confirmation to Indian intelligence that ULFA[I] Chairman Dr Abhizeet Asom is none but Assamese origin and UK Citizen Dr Mooqool Haazoriiqaa.

Dr Abhizeet Asom alias Dr Mooqool Haazoriiqaa is known to be active in International Circuits and has played a major role in the United Nations for the sake of Human Rights and causes of Assam. It is known that post joining the outfit formally, Dr Mooqool Haazoriiqaa has actually left United Kingdom. He has been training and visiting different camps of ULFA[I] ever since last year, this even includes secretly visiting different places within Assam and North East and connecting with different sections of the people to drum up lost support for the outfit. In fact Intelligence officials themselves claimed to have traced him once in Nampong area of Arunachal Pradesh along the Indo-Myanmar border. He was claimed to be accompanied by another senior leader of the outfit and guarded by 10-15 guerrillas.

It is seen that many social networking users are sharing ULFA[I] Chairman Abhizeet Asom’s recent picture randomly. With presence of Dr Mooqool Haazoriiqaa in ULFA[I] camps, Indian Intelligence must be getting strong headache as Haazoriiqaa is a tough nut for India. Apart from being a Doctor & internationally known Human Rights Activist, Mooqool Haazoriiqaa is a strong linguist cum historian and having decades long experience of tackling national issues on international forums.

It is very clear now that ULFA(I) is now a two-leader strong outfit with Paresh Asom alias Paresh Baruah heading the military wing and Dr Abhizeet Asom alias Dr Mooqool Haazoriiqaa leading the Political wing. These two have been largely successful in their own ways of late in different matters including forming an umbrella of North Eastern Rebel groups under a single banner and reviving International activism. Haazoriiqaa has in fact written to China formally earlier this month to support the cause of Assam’s Independence.

With the homecoming of the founder General Secretary of ULFA, Anup Chetia who is expected to join the lateral talks with Union Government of India, it remains to be seen if Indian Intelligence will actually be able to have the muscle to capture these two elusive leaders of the outfit. NIA alread made it clear that they will approach the British Government for extradition Dr Mooqool Haazoriiqaa, who is a British Citizen now. However it remains to be seen how successful this venture would be – as Haazoriiqaa has apparently left the UK and is on a free run in rebel camps of North Eastern Insurgent groups.

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ULFA[I] Chairman dares India by joining Jungle life

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 10 min