Russia Space Agency to probe US Moon landing

Image Source: NASA

The Chief of Russia’s Roscosmos space organization has said that a proposed Russian mission to the moon will be entrusted with confirming that the American moon arrivals were genuine or not.

“We have set this objective to fly and verify whether they’ve been there or not,” said Roscosmos space agency Chief Dmitry Rogozin in a video posted Saturday on Twitter.

Rogozin was reacting to an inquiry regarding regardless of whether NASA really arrived on the moon about 50 years back. He had all the earmarks of being clowning, as he smiled and shrugged while replying. Be that as it may, connivances encompassing NASA’s moon missions are regular in Russia.

In 2015, a previous representative for the Russian Investigative Committee required an examination concerning NASA moon arrivals.

The Soviet Union surrendered its lunar program in the mid-1970s after four exploratory moon rockets detonated.

There have been uncertain inquiries on Moon Landing as a fabrication organized by NASA.

Source Correspondent, Russia
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Russia Space Agency to probe US Moon landing

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