Supreme Court issues notice to Ramdev over his bio “Godman To Tycoon”


The Supreme Court of India on yesterday issued a notice to Yoga Guru turned business tycoon Ramdev following a plea by Juggernaut Books Private Limited that challenged Delhi High Court’s verdict restraining selling and publishing of the Ramdev bio.

A bench of justice Madan B Lukur and Deepak Gupta scheduled the matter to February first year of 2019 after listening to the plea filed by the publisher.

Senior advocate Kapil Sibal, who appeared for the publisher, expressed the importance of the book before the court citing some portion of the book as an interesting issue.

The book, “Godman to Tycoon – The Untold Story of Baba Ramdev”, a bio of Ramdev was written by journalist Priyanka Pathak Narain and published by Juggernaut Books Private Limited. The book was released in July 2017. On Ramdev’s appeal to ban the book as he believes the book has harmed his personal and economic reputation, the Delhi High court, in September 2017, ruled restraining the sale, distribution, and publication of the same in September. The High Court, on its verdict, said that the publisher was restrained from selling and publishing the book till the objectionable portion of the book is deleted.

On last year, approaching the Delhi High Court, Ramdev’s counsel claimed that some portion of the book incorrectly portrayed Ramdev’s life. In an explanation made at the High Court, author of the book Priyanka Pathak Narain stated that sources of the objected portion were clearly mentioned at the end of the book, including all the people whom she had interviewed in context of writing the book. The publisher too stated all the extracts are available on the public domain for years long and none has raised any claim or objection against those publicly available contexts.

A few months back, the publisher Juggernaut Books Private Limited approached the Supreme Court seeking an appeal to remove the ban challenging the previous year’s Delhi High Court’s verdict.

Source PTI
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Supreme Court issues notice to Ramdev over his bio “Godman To Tycoon”

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