Shocking! Jammu University Professor Tajuddin calls Bhagat Singh a Terrorist

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Mohammad Tajuddin, professor of Political Science at Jammu University, called Bhagat Singh as a terrorist during his lecture, which was recorded by one of his students with a cell phone.

During his lecture in the class, professor Tajuddin said, “Terrorism yahan bhi hua, aazadi ke daur mai. Bhagat Singh, hum unko hero banate hain…they were also terrorist.”

The recorded video became viral on social media and created outrages, which the University immediately took as a serious matter of concern.

Following the complaint filed by the students, University Vice-Chancellor Manoj Dhar suspended Professor Tajuddin and ordered a probe against the matter.

Professor Tajuddin, however, said in a clarification that somebody took a few seconds of video of his two- our lecture with the intention of misinterpreting. He also said that in his lecture on “Lenin”, he spoke about revolution and explained that violence against the government is regarded by the government itself as terrorism. “In this context, the then ruling government too named Bhagat Singh as a terrorist, but we, the Indian people, consider him as a revolutionary who sacrificed his life for the country,” Tajuddin said.

Professor Tajuddin spoke to ANI about the viral video and said, “Still, if anyone is hurt, I’m really sorry for it”.

Meanwhile, the University Vice-Chancellor said that Tajuddin is not allowed to take any class until the probe is over.

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Shocking! Jammu University Professor Tajuddin calls Bhagat Singh a Terrorist

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 5 min