Education system of Assam – Report from ground

ME school, Niz Hassang No.3, Bihdia Jajikona, Assam. Class 1 to 5 in same room

The surge of ‘Parivartan’ has been the soul concept of the Bhajpa Sarkar or the BJP Government since the very beginning of its reign. Yet, it couldn’t touch many of the remote villages of Assam so far. The Government has been constantly saying about the areas of development on the grounds of education.

ME school, Niz Hassang No.3, Bihdia Jajikona, Assam.
Class 1 to 5 in same room

Under various articles of the Indian Constitution, free and compulsory education is provided as a fundamental right to children between ages of 6 to 14. India’s improved education system is often cited as one of the main contributors to its economic development. However, many villages in Assam still lack the proper infrastructure for even LP and ME schools. There are villages where the primary schools are just a bamboo house accommodating multiple classes.

To bring light on this, the LP, ME school, Niz Hassang No.3, Bihdia Jajikona, a Government aided school is in a pathetic condition. The most glaring of the problems with the school is that of infrastructure. Poorly maintained infrastructure, dilapidated and dingy classroom do not make for a learning conducive atmosphere. The quality of education imparted in this school was limited.

Most of the students could not read, write or do basic arithmetic. The school has a bamboo house which serves as a common classroom for students of class I to V. A visit to the school, which has 37 registered students on record, revealed the sorry state of affairs in the school.

The LP school in Bihdia is now run by two teachers who take all the classes from I to V. The disappointment lies in the fact that such schools witnessed ‘Gunotsav’ recently in the presence of ministers and respective MLAs of the constituencies.

These children come from the poorest of families but the authorities seem to have lost all sense of responsibility and duty towards educating these poor and underprivileged class.

This now leads us to the question – “Will the winds of variation ever reach those places or the Government has turned into a blind eye to the pathetic condition of those students!”

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Education system of Assam – Report from ground

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