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By- Ankur J Das Condolence by civic society on the death of Delhi gang rape victim, at Dighalipukhuri of Guwahati. Huge public flow observed at Dighalipukhuri offering prayer, tribute & condolence on the death of Delhi rape victim.

We too need Light

Orphan children playing with lighting at the eve of Hindu Diwali festive in Noonmati Xixu Mangal Kendra (Noonmati Child Help Center) by Axom Xewa Xamiti(Assam Service Committee). Times of Assam took a small initiative this evening to…

Times of Assam and its 2 years

Times of Assam has never been an idea of a few years that was executed in a quick manner with some ordinary fellows. It was 2003 when I was discussing with Pallab Kumar Das, younger brother of late martyr Journalist, Parag Kumar Das, and…

Protest for Pride

Students of Gauhati University protesting against Rhino killings in Assam. In recent few days more than 30 rhinos have been killed by smugglers. State Government ordered probe for this barbaric crime. However various organizations have…

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