‘God Particle’ – Human Frailties and Empowerment

The Hedron collider underground in the Swiss-French border is a Twenty Seven Kilometer long Super Conductor Magnetic Ring to test theories of Particle Physics conducted by CERN [Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Council for Nuclear Research)] The so-called ‘God Particle’ was discovered here.

The ‘God Particle is a misnomer and Peter Ware Higgs, a British Particle Physicist, born in Newcastle, in the North East of England who first theorized about W & Z boson particle said, “I find it embarrassing because, though I’m not a believer myself, I think it is the kind of misuse of terminology which I think might offend some people.” His choice was ‘The Goddamn Particle. However, it was airbrushed over on a comment by the Nobel-prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman, the word ‘God Particle’ was coined.

When the news broke, a very excitable Prahlad Bhargav of NDTV India commented that India has known about the presence of ‘The God’ particle from ancient times! Of course, Indians know it all!!! However, with rational thinking, it is perhaps quite acceptable to accept the concept of ‘Brahma’ as a component of particle physics that explains it all.

The word ‘Goddamn’ is used to express frustration. The atheist Peter Higgs could not have vented his frustration with the idea of the presence of ‘God’. Therefore, to me, it was his polite way to say ‘bloody’.

Humankind has created ‘God’ in its own image. Not the other way round what Christianity drums in. Along with Christianity, Judaism and Islam is based on the existence of Abraham. Is it not incredible that if you remove the letter ‘A’ from Abraham, we are leaving it ‘Braham’.

I think I have stirred up passion already and fingers may already have been raised against this ‘Hindu Infidel’ trying to destroy the Abrahamic religions.

Just a minute. I am not a so-called Hindu. This is a word coined by foreigners to describe various rituals (perhaps numbering many hundreds) devised by the priests to fool the weak people to please the supposed God/Gods/Goddesses. The path of one follower is known as Dhamma in Pali and Dharma in Sanskrit. Neither I concur with the ideation the Super Gigantic Fusion reactor star we call the Sun, could have produced the Gita.

The closest to the truth that a rational mind can accept is Gautama Buddha’s inquiry into the unknown. But, he could not escape the clutches of religious zealots and his teachings have become a religion with many factions.

The seminal book of Richard Dawkins ‘The God Illusion’ is a book ‘must read’ for everybody on this planet to make sense of reality. However, he is a much-maligned man. Many people in the western hemisphere are still deluding themselves by insisting that Jesus Christ is the son of God born in a virgin birth. But historical records show that he was an illegitimate child of a Roman Soldier. He left his birth land at the age of 12 and some evidence supports him to have arrived in Tibet and returned to his homeland at the age of forty. At crucifixion, he was in a comatose state and he came out of it after 2 days and disappeared to appear in Kesar (Kashmir) after some years.

The gentler text of the Bible (Despite being influenced by ruthless Paul), has the touch of Buddhism for all readers of the Bible to appreciate; giving credence to Jesus Christ being heavily influenced by Buddhist philosophy. It is very easy to see the contrasting cruel verses of the Torah and the Qur’an which are the twain in their train of thoughts.

The story of the origin of the Qur’an, however, beats it all The ‘all-knowing’ Islamic God, apparently did not realize that Mohammad could not read. But he kept on asking the so-called illiterate man to ‘Iqra (read) from the heavenly Qur’an. However, the Injeel comes to the rescue of hapless Mohammad and voices out Allah’s pronouncements. These pronouncements were in supposed to be Arabic without a single error. But whether it is the Uthmanic Arabic Qur’an or any good translation of the book shows without ambiguity of variances, contradictions that the ‘God’ himself had to abrogate verses to ‘correct Him’. There are fallacies, scientific inaccuracies that can be made by only someone who has limited knowledge and has learned things from a source that itself is full of the knowledge of the period (full of errors as per today’s science and evidence) but not from the eternity to eternity a true ‘God’ being would have possessed if He existed. Islam’s only proof of the existence of Allah is this Qur’an and Muhammad saying so and his wife supporting him. What evidence!

From the history of evolution of Islam, it is beyond doubt that the current Qur’an is the one that was authorized to be used by Khalif Uthman who burnt the rest. How do the Muslims know it has a mirror copy in Jannat to insist that it is book by Allah? To add to the confusion, it is known now that an older version of Qur’an has been found in Yemen with different verses to the current one. So Muslims take your pick which one is your Allah’s supposed pure book. By the way, as the story goes the Yemeni Qur’an has been now being protracted as to save Islam this book has to be destroyed.

This goes for Christianity too. No wonder the Vatican or the other Orthodoxies of Protestants do not want a full scientific evaluation of Jesus’s presence in Tibet and Kashmir. Because this proof will destroy Christianity for sure.

So the moral is there are many influential people and establishments that want the religions to prevail as this ‘opium of the poor’ gives them the power they want to prevail and fulfill their dreams. To achieve their goal these people use preaching tact, magic, threats, and all. For them religion is not what Einstein described as a ‘Childish Superstition‘, but, a great game of power and politics.

After all, religion was devised by early human societies initially as a controlling mechanism, not unlike today’s Police services.

Rational readers to this piece, PLEASE PONDER, why should you give your brain to be controlled? If you do want to, should not you be questioning your sanity?

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