New crisis in Bangladesh politics – Communalism

Politics of Bangladesh is now facing a new crisis. Supporters of the war criminals of Bangladesh are trying to disturb the communal harmony of the country. They are spreading rumor that some minority people have made a bad comment about the prophet (PBUH) of Islam. By spreading this rumor they want to create a disturbance in the society and want to make a riot between Hindu and Muslim in Bangladesh. Their plan is that if the riot between Hindu and Muslim spreads in Bangladesh, then communality will increase in the society which will be in favor of their politics.

The supporters of the war criminal are now under the banner of four party alliances, led by the Ex-Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia. She is now trying to build up support against the trial of war criminals and has already demanded release of the war criminals that are now under arrest and facing trial. They have already done some road march in favor of it but they did not get much support because the young generation of Bangladesh wants the trial of the war criminals. The youth have understood that, without the trial of the war criminals the rule of justice will not be established in Bangladesh. Building up a future healthy economy and society, establishing rule of justice is very much needed in the country. Present generation of Bangladesh has understood that in 1971 these war criminals had done a big crime. It is the worst crime in the history of Bangladesh. So if these criminals go unpunished the rule of justice will never establish in Bangladesh. So supporter of the war criminals and the four party alliances leaders have realized reality , in the name of the release movement of war criminals, they will not be able to achieve any support from the young generation of Bangladesh. So they are trying to spread communality. That is why they have taken the way that, they will spread the rumor and will make a disturbance and they already did it.

In Satkira, a North West district of Bangladesh, the accused war criminal party Jamaet-e-Islami did spread the rumor successfully and they attacked on the Hindu community and they arson more than ten houses which is owned by the members of Hindu community. For doing this they gathered a large number of their supporter from different part of the North West area of Bangladesh. Not only that, for arson they have chosen a place which is near to India. Because they want the Indian people to know it quickly and act on it accordingly. They want that, as a reaction of the incident of Bangladesh Hindu people of India will attack the minority Muslim people of India. Then Jamate-e- Islami would play a dirty game in Bangladesh. But the local secular people and the government took measure quickly so that the incident cannot spread as the war crime supporters expected. Government also closed two police officers to the barrack on the spot because they are accused by the people of that locality of being involved with Jamate-e-Islami and they did help the Jamat people to attack Hindu people and arson ten houses of them.

However, government has taken it seriously and they have tackled it. But, after the incident of Satkhira, Jamat tried to do the same thing in Rangpur, a northern district of Bangladesh. Common people resisted it. So it indicates that the four party alliances are going to play a bad game in the name of politics. On the other hand, the power alliances of Bangladesh are not in good position. The relation between World Bank and Bangladesh is a bit cold now. Besides that, one of the ministers, named Suranjit Sen Gupta of the present government is now in the people’s court. People already have seen his involvement in corruption. These two incidents are like two bomb blasts for the government.

Swadesh Roy is the Executive Editor of The daily Janakantha published from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He can be reached at .

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