Wife, Lover and Concubine – Bhupen Hazarika & His relationship status


It is extremely unfortunate that Assam’s iconic figure Bhupen Hazarika’s almost hidden aside of life is now becoming public. Perhaps if it was allowed to just be there instead of talking about a lawsuit for defamation; it would have remained as a creative person’s weakness which my generation of Assamese has been quite aware of. His magical voice and use of the melodies of the soil blended with modernism in his ballads, songs, and poetry has captivated the people of Assam and her surrounding regions so deeply that his persona has become a Bongeet that you can hear the lyric and the tune and see nothing.

In his interview with Munmun Sen, Bhupen Hazarika revealed many things to an astute listener and observer. His seductive eyes roving over the curves of beautiful Munmun itself was revealing. In this interview, he admitted of an intimate bedroom scene in his song, Bimurto Ei Nixatee of being sexual in nature. He also described his fleeting love which can come and go. All the women who gave him that feeling I believe received a seductive proposal from him and his magnetism was too great for many of them to refuse. I wish Munmun Sen asked him to clarify in that interview to distinguish if it was lust rather than love?

That takes readers to the reason of this piece.


This man of course has a wife( now a widow) albeit was estranged. She is closely related to India’s Iron Man Sardar Vallav Bhai Patel. She was born in Kenya and her next-door neighbour who knew her from birth told me three decades ago that she was a very headstrong person and blamed her for the separation. However, from what the wife has revealed lately about their short-lived married life with financial hardship, making of Era Bator Xur, me remembering her flowing dance routine in two songs in that film and wanting to be a real Bowaree(Daughter-in-Law ) in Assam already learning to speak Assamese is a glimpse to the supposed difficult women who was deeply in love with Bhupen. Of late she has revealed her never dying love for him. I must admit she must possess a strong personality.

After the unfortunate separation, taking her Son Tez Hazarika with him to Canada, as she has spent her life just as an estranged wife. This is, I find a bit troublesome. Why did not she let Bhupen Hazarika go free having a divorce procedure from either side? Was her love for him been so profound that she could not do that? Or, was it a sour grape for her? Maybe he told her that he indeed wanted to be a Uronia Mou making errands from flower to flower and does not matter either way whether he is married or divorced.

Now that the real-life Era Bator Xur has brought her back to Assam and the Tez Hazarika’s DNA is wrapping around our unique Assameseness, I trust the coming days will be full of happiness and fulfillment for her and son Tez Hazarika.

Assam, let her open her secrets if she wants to. That won’t belittle Bhupen Hazarika.


I do not see any need for repeating what the wife said about the lover. But today I wonder if Bhupen Hazarika indeed upon divorce married this exceptional singer lover what could have been the result? I have little doubt that our multi-ethnic music and culture would have been a shining star in the Zogot Xobha envisaged by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala.

We all wondered after Zonakore Raati what next from Lata Mangeshkar? This song carries my true Assam. I am sure there are very many others who feel the same about this song.

There was a hush-hush talk about Bhupen Hazarika trying to seduce her and very conservative Lata Mangeshkar became angry and broke off their relationship totally. However, when Lata Mangeshkar made a statement that “I am married to music” I could sense that it is not a simple statement to take it on its face value. My feeling was that there must have been more than a music director and singer relationship in existence. During this gap year enters the concubine. Is that the reason Lata Mangeshkar disappeared from the scene? Lata Mangeshkar singing for Bhupen Hazarika again later on suggests this possibility. More importantly, Bhupen Hazarika himself has disclosed in his autobiographical book that he had a romantic relationship with a famous female singer of Bombay!


Miss concubine for her services surely used Bhupen Hazarika right and left and still using his name and riches. Without Bhupen Hazarika she would have been nobody. When she decided to become his bed warmer in 1977 could she have such an ulterior motive? There were some allegation that she is a plant by the Indian Intelligence service RAW. I have a vague ideation that the allegation could have been made by someone close to him. In the mid-nineties in an open letter to Bhupen Hazarika, the wording his shadow could have been an indirect reference of his concubine being involved in shadowing (spying on him)him. Now the concubine wanting to take the wife to task with a lawsuit may unravel the mystery of the concubine and her real mission.

The concubine gets confused at times. On the shooting of an advertisement when Bhupen Hazarika was made to travel in a makeshift sedan chair which angered many including a reporter who challenged her who she was to do such thing to Bhupen Hazarika, she replied, “I am his wife”. However, she is on record of saying that she does not need the Bhupen Hazarika’s wife tag.

Most people of Assam are appreciative of the fact that the concubine caring for him prolonged Bhupen Hazarika’s life. That is probably is very true. However, she became a barrier between the people at large in Assam and transformed a leftist idealist into a saffron wearing; tilok adorned ultra Hindu akin to her own upbringing. I do not recognize that Bhupen Hazarika and Paul Robson would have been very angry upon him like that angry African singer in Show Boat singing Ole Man River.

I do recognize her contempt towards the Assamese. If you can get hold of or persuade NewsLive TV to rebroadcast the Raizor Kathgorat listen to Miss’s audacity of the portrayal of the Assamese people. The participating audience did CLAP too!!!

IS IT BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT UNDERSTAND HER AWFUL ASSAMESE(after so many years living with Bhupen Hazarika)?

Assam, watch this woman closely. You may be able to catch her on the act.

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Wife, Lover and Concubine – Bhupen Hazarika & His relationship status

By: Dr. Dilip Dutta Read time: 18 min