Booming world Economy and adverse affects of Egyptian Unrest

Egpyt's Current Situation

: February 03, 2011

The World stock’s biggest boom in last 2 years 5 months recorded on Wednesday, 2nd February and increasing trend of global economic data and earnings has lifted the spirits of economists and corporates throughout the world. With Morgan Stanley Capital International’s all-country world stock index (considered the largest equity measure in the economic world) recording 0.4% up after June 2008,  some economists of the country are found blowing trumpets already that improvement in economy is at an accelerating rate and this will lift the prevailing conditions of inflation, prices rise, etc! While valuations are working out fine and companies found doing good results in last quarter, the only concern that’s intentionally or unintentionally being ignored (or not getting due importance)by capitalists and the Government is the prevailing situation in Egypt.

The current unrest in Egypt is set to affect the economy of Middle East and North Africa, leading specially to high fluctuations in the global oil prices in coming days. Although oil prices have lessened after 28 months of continuous increase, the unrest in Egypt will surely lead to an advantageous situation for the investors, capitalists of the oil market to use the situation in their favour by creating artificial crisis and increasing rates. With the Indian government already becoming a puppet of dollar happy capitalists, the expectations are already set; we are going to see another big petrol price hike very soon.

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Booming world Economy and adverse affects of Egyptian Unrest

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 4 min