Husband and in-law sentenced lifeterm for killing wife

The Kamrup district Session court yesterday sentenced lifeterm imprisonment with fine of Rs 2000 against Shyamalendu Deb and Chandrasekhar Deb for killing Shipra Deb, wife of Shyamalendu Deb, on March 20 of 2006.

Shipra Deb died of flame under doubtful condition, and her brother Tarun Dey lodged a complain demanding probe against the death of his sister in Jalukbari Police Station. The case was registered as 147/06 and trial started at Kamrup district Session court in 2008. Court found Shipra’s husband Shyamalendu Deb and his elder brother Chandrasekhar Deb guilty of killing Shipra and sentenced lifeterm imprisonment under section 302/34.

Mentionable that, domestic violence has been increased in magnificent numbers in Assam, and several hundred dowry deaths have been recorded in last decade.

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