Acceptance address of the permanent Chairman of the ULFA


Acceptance address of the permanent Chairman of the ULFA

By- Dr. Abhizeet Asom

I, Dr. Abhizeet Asom, with deep appreciation on my election as the permanent Chairman of the United Liberation Front of Asom, one of the most powerful freedom struggles of the Western South East Asia (WSEA), offering my thanks to every one for bestowing upon me such a honour to serve my beloved land and her peoples.

Historically the sovereign status of my birth place is an indisputable fact and my knowledge and intellect assure me that Assamese birth rights to a Sovereign Independent Assam was stolen and to restore it is a just cause and with this unshakable belief I have accepted the permanent Chair of the United Liberation Front of Asom(ULFA) with effect from 8 August 2012 in leading the organisation to its avowed goal of restoring Assam’s lost sovereignty.

I am repeating here what I said during the tenure as the acting Chairman that, as always, we would continue to strive to involve the United Nations by using international instruments which have been successfully used in similar circumstances, in restoring the Sovereignty wrongfully taken away from the Assamese by colonial powers, India is bent upon holding onto ill gotten Assam using military and paramilitary forces in the name of indivisibility applying the draconian Armed Forces ordinance originally drawn by imperial colonialist to strangle the Indian independence movement and currently the United Nations has asked of India to remove this Act. In view of the call from such an important body, it is expected that the Act will eventually be replaced. But would the Indian security forces accept anything less other than what gives them total authority to take a life with impunity as with such a protection currently they have murdered over Thirteen Thousand Assamese youth and not having to stand trial for these vile acts? Therefore, everyone needs to be alert of India’s evil designs and the Human Rights activists must take the initiative to keep the United Nations and the global community fully aware of the unfolding situation in Assam. My organisation has always been and will always be respectful of Human Rights activists appreciating the difficult work they do in upholding human rights of our people.

The armed wing of my organisation has the responsibility of defending the interest of Assam and the Assamese. The armed cadre will use any means in self defense in line with international norms. In this I am respectfully seeking help and co-operation from everybody in fulfilling their mission. At the same time, I would like everybody to keep in mind that no one should be involved in anti-Assam activities. The Indian establishment has imposed a low intensity war upon the ULFA and the freedom loving Assamese. Therefore, our cadres won’t hesitate to use all appropriate measures to overcome adverse situation in become victorious.

The Indian Army has the man power to earn the adage as the second largest army in the world, but, how should we weigh up this huge force? Our cadres over the years have confronted with skill volleys of Indian army attacks due to superior guerilla training they have acquired. The Indian forces may behave like an invincible power after barbaric massacring of innocent Assamese over the years. But, those who witnessed the fleeing Indian soldiers in 1962 hurrying to leave Assam after crossing the Brahmaputra River, are not likely to forget the faces of those panic stricken men. The façade of courage of the Indian soldiers these days is simply Dutch courage. One can be strongly reassured that The United Liberation Force of Asom will put appropriate strategy in place to confront any situation.

On this watershed hour in the history of the ULFA, I felt that is an opportune time to inform the cadres of the organisation and our supporters and well wishers that we shall work in close association with the freedom loving organisations of Western South East Asia upholding the rights and fulfilling political aspirations of our peoples. Help and support from countries which are sympathetic to our birth right to a Sovereign Independent Statehood, near and far, will be earnestly sought,

In keeping with our existing policy on a plebiscite to resolve the sovereignty restoration of Assam politically, my organisation would like to urge our citizenry to demand such a plebiscite on the issue in question, In the 90s the massive oppressive measures India applied in Assam has caused many to suffer from fear psychosis. It is vital to remember that, one’s courage is the ultimate weapon. Reflect on the courage of Lachit at Xoraighat despite his raging fever, how did he defeated the mighty Mughal army; it is time that the whole people of Assam need to rise of in unity to eject the Indian Army from Assam. Such a rise up will cause the rumble of a massive earthquake which will shake the wits out of the colonial India.

I would like to urge all Assamese to discard any linkage to the Indian caste system totally and adopt Asom/Oxom//Okhom surname by everyone to carry us as one people, I pledge that to establish Assam as an Independent Sovereign nation fit for the Twenty First century, I shall work tirelessly and in fulfilling my pledge I would be very grateful to have every bit of help and support from all.

With respectful salutation to you all.

Disclaimer: Dr. Abhizeet Asom, the newly appointed Chairman of ULFA, and his speech neither reflects Times of Assam‘s view nor Times of Assam is liable for this content.

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Acceptance address of the permanent Chairman of the ULFA

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