ULFA Chairman Dr Abhijit Asom and failed claims of Pro-talk faction


By- Staff Reporter | Date – August 09, 2012

After Paresh Baruah led ULFA, who is still maintaining a rigid stand on the issue of Sovereign Asom, expelled its Pro-talk Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa yesterday, there were strong reactions from the pro-talk faction. This group, currently engaged in lateral talks with the Government of India claimed that Paresh Baruah led faction has no right to expel the Chairman as he has the support of majority of his cadres and vote of their self-styled general council.

However analysing the constitution of the rebel group, analysts are of the opinion that this claim is rather obsolete. As per ULFA’s constitution, any leader or member of the outfit who is in custody or negotiating with the enemy i.e. Government or Security forces does not have the right represent the outfit unless he or she returns to the base of the outfit. Hence technically it is the hardliner group who ideally is still the real ULFA, from this point. This part of of the constitution of ULFA has been manipulated by the Pro-Talk faction and claimed about majority support while the outfit’s constitution is rigid on its stand about the leader or cadre in the custody of enemy.

Also, it is claimed by the pro-talk faction that there is no one in the outfit called Dr Abhijit Asom or Abhijit Barman. In reality though, Times of Assam has already exposed the identity of the new Chairman of ULFA, a name which has baffled everyone. The new chairman had accompanied the ULFA leadership on various occasions to attend meetings at United Nations in Geneva. Also a strong writer, this doctor is reported to have maintained good contacts with various International organisations and individuals including Nobel Prize awardees.

Peace remians a far distant dream for Assam who is only burning red day by day.

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ULFA Chairman Dr Abhijit Asom and failed claims of Pro-talk faction

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