APFEJ expresses concern at China Dams


By- Correspondent | Date- January 07, 2012

The Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists (APFEJ) has expressed concern at the ongoing construction of a number of
hydroelectric dams in Brahmaputra inside Tibetan region of China. The umbrella organization of environmental journalists based in Asia Pacific region argues that once the dams on the 2,900 km long trans-boundary river will be commissioned, there will be massive ecological affect in northeast India and also in Bangladesh.

Moreover, if the government at Beijing diverts some volume of water from Brahmaputra, Bangladesh will be severely affected, as the saline water of Bay of Bengal will enter to south Bangladesh and destroy the aquatic life and agricultural field.

The APFEJ, whose head office is based in Dhaka, also appeals to the Chinese government to officially disclose all relevant information about their dams in Tsangpo and if any plan to divert the water to fertile the barren agricultural land in southern part of China to feed their huge population.

‘The people of Bangladesh and northeast India must not be taken as granted for suffering because of the hydroelectric projects in upper riparian country (read China),’ said Nava Thakuria, Secretary of APFEJ. In a statement, he also added that as the mighty Brahmaputra crosses through all these countries, the benefit should be shared by every nation concerned without any discrimination.

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APFEJ expresses concern at China Dams

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