ASIAN and SAARC have to be closer – Zet Mirzal Zainuddin in exclusive interview


Zet Mirzal Zianuddin is a highly senior diplomat of Republic of Indonesia. His diplomatic carrier is very long and bright. He is now working as ambassador of Indonesian People’s republic of Bangladesh and Republic of Nepal.

In an exclusive interview he raises a good point that, religion fundamentalist and extremist or terrorist are not same. Religion fundamentalism may be any kind of faith. Even he said that on the basis of that faith one can run a political party. On the other hand, terrorist and extremist has no faith, they are the bad elements of the society or state even the world. He admits that, now world is suffering from this phenomenon. Indonesia is also suffering from some sort of terrorism.

I asked him, we read in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times that, American Army is working jointly in Indonesia to demolish the terrorism, is it true? He said that, Indonesia has enough ability to demolish and make trail the terrorist. However, he admits that, now world is united so not onlyIndonesia, the whole world have to work together against terrorism. As a Bangladeshi Journalist I asked him that does Indonesia want to work withBangladeshagainst terrorist. He replied that, Indonesia is also doing this, besides that, not only with Bangladesh, India is a good friend of Indonesia. We are also with them.

Indonesia is a member of ASIAN.  Now the economy of ASIAN is booming. As a member of ASIAN Indonesia has a good business relation withIndia. India is the big economy of SAARC.  On the other hand, Indonesia has more or less a good business relation with the entire member of the SAARC. So I asked him, does he think that, now is the time to work together with ASIAN and SAARC?  He also admits that, it can open a new avenue forAsia, ifASIAN andSAARC can work together. He emphasizes on the economical unity of  Asia, though it will take time but it will bring a new economical future for  Asia.

I asked him is it like EU (European Union)?  He is an experienced diplomat so he knows the environment of total Asia. Besides that, not all the countries of Asia are the Member of the SAARC and ASIAN. So, only these two organizations cannot make a united Asian economy Zone. But it is very much needed that, for a good economical future the people of Asia have to make a united economical zone. For that reason, SAARC and ASIAN have to be close to each other.  It can be a good start.

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ASIAN and SAARC have to be closer – Zet Mirzal Zainuddin in exclusive interview

By: Swadesh Roy Read time: 7 min