Assam Tea production down by 13 million Kgs

Women tea workers pluck tea leaves at the Krishna Bihari Tea Garden in Sivasagar, Assam on 27 April 2011. Assam and neighboring states account for more than 70 percent of the more than 1 million tons produced by India's $1.5 billion tea industry. The tea plantations employ nearly 3 million people, mostly women, in jobs that pay about $1.50 a day, plus free housing and subsidized food. Most of the workers are illiterate.

By- Staff Reporter | Date- March 29, 2012

An unusual drought and rain less climate has hit hard the Assam tea industry as production of green leaf is expected to be down by a low 20 per cent across the state till April, with Brahmaputra valley being worst affected. As such, high prices of tea are being feared at the auction centres next month.

As per projection reports, except of Tea Gardens with irrigation facilities and those in Jorhat and Sivasagar district which are enjoying plenty of rainfall, the production scenario is really bad. In fact the production is expected to be down by a high 13 million Kilograms, amounting to 20% dip in first flush production.

It is to be mentioned that Assam usually receives adequate amount of rainfall in this time of the year but with changing climatic conditions, both temperature rise and scarcity of rainfall has hit the state high.

The Tea Industry on a whole is not much worried yet though as the current period only amounts for just 10% of total production of Assam Tea in a year. If weather improves, the deficit could be made up in later months comfortably, tea planters opine.

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Assam Tea production down by 13 million Kgs

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