Bangladesh government to extradite Anup Chetia soon

Anup Chetia

By- Swadesh Roy | Date- August 16, 2011

Bangladesh government will hand over Anup Chetia and other 49 leaders of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) to India.

During the visit of Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram, Indian authorities gave Bangladesh a list of those fifty extremists. Bangladesh government is working out a legal process to hand them over to India.

In the mean time the Home Minister of Bangladesh Ms. Sahara Khatun already said publicly that they have to complete legal procedures to hand over Anup Chetia to India. Ms. Khatun said that they are committed to do this because they have given a similar list to India and India will hand them over to Bangladesh as well.

Home Secretary of Bangladesh Government Abdus Sobahan Shikder told media “We do not have any extradition treaty with India, so we are now working to find out the way of sending them”.

On the other hand, Professor Imtiaz Ahmed of International Relations department of Dhaka University said, “Bangladesh has no extradition treaty with India but two countries can exchange prisoners under the agreement on transfer of sentenced prisons signed during Sheik Hasina’s visit to India in January 2010”. Imtiaz said court can give permission for Chetia’s deportation since he is in jail.

Home secretary of Bangladesh government has already said that government would seek permission to the court for deportation of Anup Chetia.

On the other hand, a human right activist and advocate Sigma Huda, wife of a Bangladesh Nationalist Party leader Nazmul Huda said to the media that, Anup Chetia should not be handed over until the disposal of rule issued by the High Court on 23 August 2003, regarding his application for political asylum.  One of the official of the Law Ministry of Bangladesh government said that, court would give the permission because government would not give him any type of asylum.

Sigma Huda and her husband’s Party BNP is always in favor of ULFA. Pro BNP media of Bangladesh always called activities of ULFA as independence struggle. Even then, it is true that, ULFA made its feet strong at the time of BNP lead government in Bangladesh. However, some political analysts of Bangladesh said that, BNP supports ULFA due to Inter-services intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan. They think that, BNP has a deep-seated relation with ISI and that ULFA has a relation with ISI, so they are common friend. Recently ULFA leader Sashadhar Choudhury has admitted that, ISI used to give those military training in Pakistan and when they used to come to Bangladesh they get help of the then government of Bangladesh. Therefore, it is proven that, ISI, BNP and ULFA did work together.

Now things have been changed. Those who are observing the politics of BNP can see the present reality. They, think that BNP will not go to any movement and create any obstacle to deportation of Anup Chetia because they understand that, America and India want a peaceful and all kinds of extremist free Bangladesh. On the other hand, BNP wants to make a good relation with these two countries too.

So reality is expressing that, ultimately there is no obstacle that would make delay to hand Chetia over to India. It will be completed soon.

Swadesh Roy is the Executive editor of Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He can be reached at

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