Blast in Noonmati Oil Refinery – ULFA Hardliner claims responsibility

Blast in Noonmati Oil Refinery, ULFA Hardliner claims responsibility

By- Staff Reporter | Date- January 10, 2012

A major fire broke out in the LPG bottling plant of the Indian Oil Corporation Refinery of Noomati, Guwahati on Tuesday night injuring some persons. The 56 block tank of the refinery bursted into flames with a loud sound shaking the refinery complex and spreading fire to neighboring areas.

In the meanwhile, the ULFA hardliner faction has claimed responsibility of blast causing the fire as their armed protest. In a press release signed & sent by Publicity Commander Lt Arunodoy Dohotiya to Times of Assam, the outfit claimed the responsibility as a regular practice of their armed protest.

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