Climate Change – North East India to become hot

Where Sun only burns : Photo by Bikramjit Kakati
Photo by Bikramjit Kakati
Where the Sun Burns: Photo by Bikramjit Kakati

By- Correspondent | Date- August 29, 2011

The climate of North East India is set to undergo changes, including rise in temperature and rainfall, as indicated by Minister for Environment and Forest, Jayanthi Natarajan in Lok Sabha.

In the Regional and Sectoral Analysis for 2030 of the Indian Network of Climate Change Assessment (INCCA) assessment, the Ministry of Environment and Forest has claimed that the temperature of the region is set to increase by 1.8 degree – 2.1 degrees during the next two decades. In addition, the mean annual rainfall is also likely to increase by 1-6 mm per day; however the number of rainy days in a year may decrease by few (1-10) days.

The rise in temperature and changes in pattern of rainfall is expected to affect ecology, especially the forests of the North East. With the increase in rainfall, the region also might witness increase in malaria, unless corrective and preventive actions are proactively taken.

It is to be mentioned that the Government of India has already directed the State Governments to prepare State Action Plan on Climate Change, which would aim at adapting to the projected climate changes in the respective States. The North Eastern States have been known to have prepared their draft documents accordingly.

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Climate Change – North East India to become hot

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 4 min