Anna Hazare next movement from NE, to meet Irom Sharmila – Akhil Gogoi

Anna Hazare Akhil Gogoi Kiran Bedi

By- Correspondent | Date- August 30, 2011


One of the key members of Team Anna and Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS), Akhil Gogoi has stated that Anna Hazare would soon be visiting Assam to start their next round of activities. This was stated by Mr. Gogoi while addressing a public gathering at Guwahati after returning successful from Delhi.

Akhil Gogoi confirmed that after being released from the hospital, Anna would return back to his village in Maharashtra where future strategy and course of action of their movement would be planned. Post this; Anna would be visiting Assam and North East to commence their next round of democratic movement. During this visit, Team Anna would not just stick to corruption but also give emphasis to other core issues of the region such as the issue of Mega Dams, NC hills scam and other scams, flood, etc.

Anna, as stated by Akhil Gogoi, is also concerned about Irom Sharmila who has been fasting for more than a decade to repel the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and would be visiting Manipur to meet the Iron Lady of Manipur.

During the meeting, Akhil Gogoi also shared several experiences and wisdom earned during his close association with Anna Hazare during the latest movement at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi.

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  1. Manjunatha  August 30, 2011 at 06:51 PM

    It’s a good news that Anna is aware of her. Something good will happened when people come together and exchange their views.

  2. Debashree alias Sumi B Raja  August 31, 2011 at 01:17 PM

    We, the people of NE can expect many positive things to happen in the region if Annaji takes leadership in sorting out the problems which the NE is facing for the last 4-5 decades subject to the following points:
    1. Annaji must personally go to the real root of the problems by visiting and interacting with the people from all sections and from all corners as so many so called social activists in NE are operating with their own narrow vested interests who will try to convince Annaji in wrong direction.
    2. Regarding AFSPA, it is being tried to convince that our armed forces are enjoying holiday trips by doing duties round the clock wearing 20-30 kg bullet proof jackets and helmets with hardly any rest in the parts where the act is imposed. No social activists is talking about the real ground situation and its solution as if you say army is making your life miserable, I will say that I can’t imagine to live there at this stage without army’s presence.
    3. Annaji believes in non violence movement. At this stage it is important to know whether the social activists who are in support of fasting for removal of AFSPA, believe in non-violence movement or not. If they have believe in non violence, why not they make a cordial appeal through fasting to the so called patriot(?) militants/terrorists to leave their arms and come forward for socio-economic development of the region which is actually the root cause of all the problems. If we simply want to go for fasting to force the authority remove AFSPA then we are encouraging for patriot(?) militants to do more and more violence. This type of one sided view will never bring peace and prosperity in the region.
    4. In Assam, there are so many social activists who often protest against any kind development project by highlighting the ill effects of the projects. they must also analyse the positive aspects of the projects also, as urbanisation is the need of the young generation. Instead of scrapping the projects, they should come forward with recommendation so that the ill effects get minimised and the the positive impacts increases. We can’t imagine peace and prosperity in NE without launching new development projects and urbanisation of the region to accommodate the young unemployed population. Simply, whenever you have any objection to a development project, you must come forward with alternate better practical solution for the region.

  3. Sinam  September 01, 2011 at 08:45 PM

    Debashree, it seems you have no idea what you are speaking about. What you have mention is the words of a complete ignorant, a typical mentality who never cares to understand the ground realities.

    1. You have said “so called social activists in NE are operating with their own narrow vested interests “. Can you name me us few such social activist and clarify? If you cant’ your words are plain bullshit
    2. True, army’s presence has to be there in NE due to the security reasons. But what was the fault of those hundreds of women raped and killed brutally by army in the name of insurgency? You guys wont even speak a word on it.
    Unless you see someone close (God forbid) being a victim, you will never realise what pain it is be raped, killed or destroyed by some one who is supposed to save you, someone for whom you pay taxes…. and AFSPA gives army this immunity. The whole of Indian army can not be blamed..but the ones who indulge in such crime are never punished. You guys are plain ignorants.
    3. Please dont bullshit. Read and understand what is AFSPA, come and visit one remote village in Manipur and then comment on such a painful issue.
    4. Point 4 is agreed to some extent.

    • Debashree alias Sumi B Raja  September 02, 2011 at 11:21 AM

      Dear Sinam, I would like to convince you first: may be I am wrong on many accounts, you may have better solution to many problems, I am here to discuss, not for argument, I am here to accept better solution if you have, not to try to force anybody to agree with me without reason. At the end of all I have nothing to do with my views if peace and prosperity prevails in the region.
      I would like to clarify few points where you have objected. Thanks a lot to you too for agreeing to point number 4 as I feel even if people of the region accepts it, maximum problem of the region may get sorted out.
      1. I called “vested interest” or may be lack of interest of the so called social activists because if every organization of the region have been trying to root out the real problems in a practical way and bring peace and prosperity to the region, why NE is continuously witnessing violence for the last 3-4 decades without even coming to a near solution of any one of the problems. If I have to rearrange my home, its me to take initiative based on truth, others can only support. It seems sections of people/organization like you are too keen to sort out the problems, but its not the same for others. Had it been so, situation would have been different. I admit I am not naming any organization. This is my weakness or what you may feel. But I would like to request you to observe the ground realities/functioning of the different activities in a broad prospective and then come to conclusion.
      2 & 3. You admit army’s presence in the security point of view. Thanks a lot to you, at least I have got somebody who is talking about reality, I have many things to learn from you. But it pains me when you say that I am supporting the ill effects of AFSPA. What I am trying to convince that if we can campaign to bring the ill-effects so successfully in front of the nation/world in a non-violence way through fasting, why can’t we do the same to reach to the root cause of the problems that NE is witnessing and suggest practical solution. Why can’t we try to convince our patriot militants to quit violence and come out for socio-economic(all out) development of the region as our constitution is great enough to accommodate any type of reasonable need of its citizens. Nobody can imagine existence of AFSPA in a peaceful prosperous region, let it be from any corner of the entire country. There is no question of not supporting a non partial and non violent movement based truth whose objective is to carry the society to a better future.

  4. Debashree alias Sumi B Raja  September 02, 2011 at 06:24 PM

    My clarification to Sinam is not getting published.

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