Deputy Commander of ULFA[I] Drishti Rajkhowa had to step back from Surrender

Times of Assam had previously reported from a few reliable sources that Deputy Chief-of-the-Staff of Military Wing & Commander of Western Command of ULFA[I] Colonel Drishti Rajkhowa Alias Drishti Asom alias Manoj Rabha was all set to come over the ground, primarily because of ideological conflicts between him and Paresh Baruah alias Paresh Asom over several matters. It was expected for Drishti Rajkhowa to have come overground in Meghalaya and he had been in talks with the Government of Meghalaya as well as Meghalaya Police.

Drishti Asom(Rajkhowa) alias Manoj Rabha

As per sources in the outfit, Times of Assam has come to know that Meghalaya Government and Police had accepted all conditions of Drishti Rajkhowa but wanted him to reveal the details and whereabouts of GNLA and its elusive Supremo, Sohan D Shira. Drishti Rajkhowa, who always shared a cordial relationship with GNLA and its members was reluctant to do so, as by doing this he would have led GNLA’s Supremo to be killed by Security Forces. Further, it is also known that Assam Police did not accept the conditions of Drishti Rajkhowa’s surrender but only offered bullet if he came overground.

As such, Drishti Rajkhowa is learnt to have decided to stay back with the outfit and continue his role. However, how much trust the outfit or its leadership Paresh Asom would have for him further is a question. The most important question is, if Drishti Rajkhowa is practically the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of ULFA[I], then why the same one need to act as Commander of Western Command which comes under the command of Deputy Commander himself?

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