Email from Paresh Baruah came from Zoo Tiniali of Guwahati


By- Staff Reporter | Date- April 13, 2011 | Place- Guwahati

In a press release signed by ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah and sent yesterday, the United Liberation Front of Asom today wished the people a happy and prosperous new Assamese year and Rongali Bihu. Through the press release, the hardliner outfit sought blessings of the elders and appealed to the fellow Assamese not to ignore their national interests for the Assamese Nation in the coming year.

The interesting part of this email press release is that it is traced to have sent from Guwahati itself. Investigating the trace route of this email, Times of Assam found evidence that the email from Paresh Baruah was sent from the Zoo Tiniali locality of Guwahati using Sify Broadband internet connection with the IP address The email id used for this communication was rupa.sharma76@yahoo.com. This clearly means that Paresh Baruah’s email communication is handled by someone close to him in Guwahati. But why the security agencies are unable to trace and catch hold of this person responsible for sending communications on behalf of the ULFA supremo is a question in itself.

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Email from Paresh Baruah came from Zoo Tiniali of Guwahati

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 3 min