Fake Claim of Email from Indian Mujahideen to Intend Confusion

Indian Mujahideen

On October 2, a Media house of the state claimed that they have received threatening email from an unknown outfit name Indian Mujahideen (Assam). The news claimed that the email was signed by Tohik Khan, claiming to be the marketing chief of the so-called outfit, threatened the Assam government with the launching of a biological war if three of their demands were not met within 24 hours. The outfit stated to Free all their Jihadi brothers who are in Central Jail, Guwahati, stop all activities against Jihadi groups in Assam, stop all project of development in Assam. After the news was published by the Media House, Assam Police registered a case and launched an investigation to trace the source of the Email and its IP address.

Going through field investigation Times of Assam has got to know that not any other media group received such email except that particular one which is really mysterious.  Talking to various other Media House including Print & Electronic Media, Times of Assam got the revealing info that the news of receiving such Email was totally biased and to create confusion between common people, for Political interest and increasing TRP rate.

After 4 days, the state police yet not being able to hunt the culprit or the source from where the Email came. Though, to hunt such Email sender is a deal of few minutes only.

Times of Assam appeals common people to not to believe on such rumors and if any Media house or other receives such Email, to inform immediately. Times of Assam is always ready to help in such cases, if asked for.

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Fake Claim of Email from Indian Mujahideen to Intend Confusion

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 4 min