Fifteen person injured in a grenade blast in Guwahati


By- Staff Reporter

Fifteen persons, including two police personnel, were injured in a grenade blast near Guwahati railway station, police said on Sunday.

The blast took place at around 7:55 pm near the Paltan Bazar police station, which is next to the railway station. Six persons have been injured, two of whom are police home guards.

Guwahati’s Senior Superintendent of Police Anand Prakash Tiwari(IPS) however confirmed to that fifteen people sustained injuries in the blast that occurred in an area close to the railway station and usually crowded.

Since the blast occurred on a Sunday, the place was not as crowded as it usually is, he added.

Morning 9:00AM July 29:

As per updated news, total fifteen person were injured in the grenade blast including 3 girls from West Bengal. The girls were in the city to participate in an under-14 inter school tournament. At the time of blast, the trio were about to enter a hotel for their dinner. They were identified as Sahana Banu, Jharna Jha and Priya Roy.

Police already suspected ULFA’s hand behind the blast, but is not confirmed.

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Fifteen person injured in a grenade blast in Guwahati

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