High Court orders CBI probe for Anil Majumdar Murder case


The Gauhati High Court yesterday directed the Assam State Government to hand over the murder case of the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) within 15 days. The judgment came in response to a writ petition filed last November by Late Majumdar’s wife Mallika Kalita Majumdar, where she accused of indifferent attitude of the State Government and sought the High Court’s intervention.

As per reports, the Gauhati High Court was not satisfied with the investigation carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Assam Police and so the handover to CBI is being ordered.

Journalist Anil Majumdar shot death in March 24, 2009.Anil Majumdar, Guwahati based journalist who owned a vernacular daily in Guwahati was shot dead at night time of March 24, 2009, in front of his residence. Almost three years of the murder, there has been no progress in the investigations yet.

As per sources, Anil Majumdar was killed under command of a ULFA leader and shot by a cadre who had hidden in Bangladesh and has recently become over-ground by joining the Pro-Talk faction carrying out lateral talks with the Government. There is an allegation that the Assam Police is aware of the culprit but have not been able to nab him due to reasons unknown.

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High Court orders CBI probe for Anil Majumdar Murder case

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