Hunting of Extremist linkage rocks down Nalbari youths


In the last 10 days, more than 12 youths from the Nalbari district have been arrested by Police for having telephonic conversations with banned outfit ULFA. After arresting one ULFA cadre from Guwahati last month, based on his mobile’s call records, a special operation against extremist linkage is in a race under the District Police Administration. Based on the arrested ULFA cadre’s mobile call list, police are keeping strict surveillance on 98 numbers of suspected people, out of which more than 12 are already arrested. The major crackdown has blown to the employee & agents of Idea Cellular company for supplying SIM cards to ULFA cadres.

From the police source, it has been revealed that one Dinesh Kalita(arrested) of Digheli are of the district had a telephonic conversation with one hardcore  ULFA  cadre more than150 times in a day. While another youth named Bitu Das of Sonamoti village has been arrested with evidence of having long-termed contact with ULFA cadres. Dr. Beeren Chakravarty, professor of Nalbari college was arrested with a conviction of finding grenades & explosives in his home, which is claimed to be recovered by the combined operation force of district police & Army on basis of confidential sources. Though the family of Dr. Chakravarty claimed that he has been falsy alleged. Dr. Chakravarty has been sent under judicial custody and suspended from his duty by the Principal of Nalbari College.

After police declared 98 people are under scanner and print & electronic media published it, the youths of the district are in a cat & rat-running situation, as the arrest, is going on the basis of telephonic conversation. Many youths have gone underground, leaving the house, as miss led by media biased reports, with a wrong concept of being arrested for having telephonic contact with the already arrested people.

While it is declared by Govt official that the Lateral Talk procedure between ULFA & Government of India is right path yet, the operation against extremists linkage in Nalbari district is growing as a nightmare for the youths of the district.

Though the Lateral Talk procedure seems to be in a lazy walk, an operation against the  709battalion headed by dreaded Commander Heera Sarania alias Diamond, and 28battalion headed by Commander Bijoy Chinese alias Bijoy Das,  are yet under full of its race, as both of the battalions have been always considered as most active & major base of the banned outfit, by the security forces. Both the commander Heera Sarania and Bijoy Chinese belong to the Nalbari district, which forced people to think about the probable reason behind the current operation against extremist linkage.

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Hunting of Extremist linkage rocks down Nalbari youths

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 7 min