Indian Army Spy killed in encounter with ULFA – OC of Moran got bullet injury


On 28 October at 1:30 PM a fierce encounter took place between eight ULFA militants and a large contingent of the Indian Army at Naziraporia Lahon village under the Khowang police outpost in the District of Dibrugarh, Assam. In the twenty minutes of gunfire Papon Thakuria of Tiloi(Moran), a surrendered cadre of the ULFA was killed in the gunfire and the Officer-in-Charge of Moran Police Station Utpal Bora was seriously injured. Papon was a co-operating with the security forces directly in this anti-ULFA operation also a very renown spy of Indian army in Moran area. It has been learnt that the ULFA militants used sophisticated weapons in counter attacking the 150 personnel of the Indian Army to make then fled helter-skelter and then withdrew safely from the area.

In the incident, a surrendered cadre of the ULFA getting killed with multiple bullet wounds is being seen as a extremely grave issue. The ULFA has been stating all along that the Indian Army conducting State terror employing the surrendered ULFA cadres in their anti-ULFA operations. From time to time the ULFA has asked these deserters not to become involved it fratricide. The Assam police and the Indian army have been rejecting these ULFA assertions, but, the public has always been suspicious and skeptical of security agency’s claim.

On 22 September at Lukhurkhona of Sivsagar district the Assam Police killed Manoj Konwar and his family alleged that a surrendered ULFA cadre was involved in his killing too. But, as the bullet ridden body surrendered cadre yesterday was found to be in Army fatigue has borne out ULFA’s assertions to be true. It is to be noted that the Assam police now claiming that the slain was just an ordinary villager rather than a surrendered cadre taken as a ULFA spotter by the Army. To prevent the truth known, the police have not let the journalists to see his body. It has reliably learnt that Papon Thakuria co-operated in the slaying of the Human Rights activist Manoj Konwar a little while ago.

People of Assam is well aware of the surrendered ULFA cadres being paid by the Indian Army in getting their cooperation in the security forces operations. A particular source revealed that about 100 surrendered ULFA cadres are being trained at the Assam Police HQ at Kahilipara. This training is being imparted by Jayashree Kheresa alias Dundubhi Bai, a controversial police officer.

It has also been learnt that another surrendered ULFA also was directly involved in the Khowang operation. This youth called Rocket surrendered after killing 2nd Lieutenant Ripunjoy Kalita of the ULFA while asleep in 2008 in Boko in Kamrup district. The residents of Moran complains that Rocket has been terrorizing people of Moran in association with the Indian Army personnel based in the region.

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Indian Army Spy killed in encounter with ULFA – OC of Moran got bullet injury

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