Indian Army takes steps to defend potential China aggression


Indian Army

The Indian Army looks concerned about the Chinese military getting stronger in numbers as well as in infrastructure. As such the Army is going to hire and increase its own strength by around 90,000 to 1, 00, 000 additional soldiers. It is also going to raise a new mountain strike corps, understood to be deployed mostly along the Indian China border.

As per sources, the proposal of increasing the Army strength by an additional one lakh troops from its current strength of around 11 lakh troops has been cleared by the Defence Ministry already and is expected to be cleared by the Finance Ministry very soon. However the ramp of the troops would be done across phases in next five years.

They said the increase in the number of troops will be done in a phased manner over a period of more than five to six years.

It is to be mentioned that the Indian Air Force has also set up its tempo against possible threat from China. As such it has already done large scale acquisition of land recently in strategic locations of Assam for Indian Air Force Bases, at Tezpur, Chaboa and Jorhat.

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Indian Army takes steps to defend potential China aggression

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 3 min