Kapil Sibal features on Jan Lokpal Bill

By- Staff Reporter | Date- June 29, 2011

Kapil Sibal, Union Cabinet Minister and a Member of the Joint Drafting Committee, through a press release has stated that the provisions of the Jan Lokpal Bill, proposed by Anna Hazare and his nominees must be analyzed, keeping in mind the broad features of our constitutional structure. The release states that under the Constitution  the Executive is answerable to Parliament as well as to the Judiciary but the Lokpal Committee being an unelected is not answerable to the Legislature. This according to the minister is  anathema to the concept of Parliamentary Democracy. Moreover the independent investigation and prosecution agencies under the Lokpal are answerable to none and it will have the sole power to investigate all public servants. He also stretched on the fact that setting a Lokpal outside the Government premise is faulty as there would be no confluence of interests and the Lokpal will be able to cleanse the system.

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