Malicious propaganda by Assamese daily Asomiya Pratidin

Honest and young media journalist wanting to reform the society by exposing the evils of the so called youth organizations and wings of unknown groups who have of late grown like mushroom colonies is being meted out indifferently and opposed stiffly of every move by a section of veteran journalist who otherwise claim to be the guardian of the society and always want to be in the limelight.

If the readers are not able to grasp the idea of what the above paragraph means than one has to revert back to the news as published in Times of Assam on 13’Th September 2012 captioned Nilssonia Nigrican Turtles recovered in Jorhat. As reported in the news the Jorhat unit of Assam Yuva Santha in a secret operation unearthed and recovered two extinct turtles and the smugglers were reported to be handed over to the police.

But as time passed, Times of Assam has been astonished to read about a story published on Saturday, September 15, in a local vernacular daily the Asomiya Pratidin written by the Special City Correspondent who gave a new dimension to the entire incident where eventually the reporter while not mentioning much about the so called Assam Yuva Santha who recovered the turtles instead blamed one news correspondent and a camera person of News Network (NN) and Prag News along with the staff reporter of a online web portal without taking names to have entered into an understanding with the smugglers and after provocations and threatening the smugglers let them go scot free while duping them of whatever cash was available with them. Fact finders have found that presently a person with the title of Zahedi is working as the Staff Reporter of a web news portal which was claimed by the special correspondent of the vernacular daily as to be a fraudster who targets soft victim for easy money.

Interestingly the reporter of the vernacular daily will now have to prove the existence of the reporters and camera person of the news channels to be present at the scene, while Times of Assam investigation has revealed that the Prag News crew of Nakul Dutta and Prabal Saikia were at different junctions while the video was shot by one Masqur Hazarika who according to many is said to carry the logo of Prag Channel to capture any video of importance for their daily news on a contract basis till now. Similarly the crew of News Network has been identified as Subhasis Sharma but his camera person Nipon Dutta who has been out of station for almost fifteen days now. Reliable sources have confirmed the presence of Subhasis Sharma of News Network and Masqur Hazarika of Prag News at the time of the incident and taking video footage for the ensuing news telecast in their respective news channels. While people have conveyed their best wishes to the reporter of the online web portal who video shot the entire sting operation capturing intrigue moments with his hidden camera when the General Secretary of Assam Yuva Santha, Anup Kumar Dutta forcibly collected the money from the main leader of the gang. Question arises whether Indian law provides any youth leaders of these so called organizations with special power to confiscate money unlike policeman while performing such operations.

The most important part is the role played by the reporter of the vernacular daily wherein without investigating the matter and merely playing the role of a copy paste reporter writes spicy news to attract the common people. It has been alleged by a section of the people that the reporter was managed with a hefty amount to rewrite the entire story to remove suspicion on the Assam Yuva Santha leaders and malign the stature of the young reporters whose writings based on the principles of truth has created a furore amongst the veteran and lethargic prestigious seat occupiers of various news papers!

While completely in the opposite, Times of Assam reported exclusively the recovery of the turtles while mentioning the name of the ring leader, the registration number of the scooter and the bike they were travelling and the first hand exclusive photos of the turtles being put in the bag by the smuggler on 13’Th September 2012. But under what mysterious circumstances the Assam Yuva Santha while speaking to reporters of News Network, Prag and Prime News with their logos flashing in TV screens narrated the recovery of the turtles while mentioning that the smugglers fled the scene upon Assam Yuva Santha member’s arrival is a big question indeed!! Times of Assam have acquired exclusive footage of the second video clip collected from a private news channel.

Moreover, why the reporter of Asomiya Pratidin highlighted the journalist angle of blackmailing the smugglers in lieu of easy money is a question of great concern when he allegedly with the use of his pen designed such a meticulous propaganda involving the name of fellow and junior journalist of the press fraternity. Conscious people have questioned as to credibility of the reporter of Asomiya Pratidin who despite knowing everything or rather not knowing anything simply pen down a sensational story hearing from one another. Did he follow the ethics of Journalism as directed by the Press Council of India? Was his story written on a mere hearsay? Did he investigate the matter using the resources at his disposal? Didn’t he deem fit to contact the journalist whom he had so dearly targeted to take their views/comment before shooting off to write a sensational story?

Most have opined to the reporter of the Assamese daily to have a personal enmity with other members of the press fraternity. Some have also raised apprehension to the reporter coming of age where he faces stiff competition from young budding journalists and find it difficult to maintain pace to report exclusive and breaking news.

Anup Kumar Dutta, General Secretary of Assam Yuva Santha collecting money from the tortoise smuggler and later falsify information to police that they seized the two turtles but the smugglers fled the scene upon Assam Yuva Santha arrival.

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