Mayukh-Laili enthrall Assamese in Australia

Laili & Mayukh Hazarika

By- Correspondent | Date- May 16, 2012

Talented Assamese singers Mayukh Hazarika and Laili Dutta Hazarika have returned to their home city after performing in a number of functions in Australia. Only Son of legendary singer Jayanta Hazarika, Mayukh (and his wife) thus become the first Assamese artiste couple to be invited by the Assamese community living in Australia to celebrate Bohag Bihu.

The shows were held across Australia’s prime cities of Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Sydney in the month of April. Mayukh and Laili showcased songs of the land to resounding response on all three evenings. The highlights of the evenings were the songs that they sang from their upcoming album which has all been written and composed by Mayukh. His lyrics and Laili’s renditions were particularly the talking points.

The album is due for release in October 2012 which is a compilation of songs covering a wide spectrum of topics and a gamut of human emotions. In addition to the performances, the LOGO of the recently established Queensland Assamese Association was inaugurated by Mayukh on a beautiful Australian winter evening.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayukh said he was overwhelmed by the response and that it was an immensely proud moment for him. On being asked about his new compositions, the lyrics for which were highly hailed by the audience there, he said he sees it as a social responsibility for an artiste to try and write words which carry meaning and compel the listener to sit up and think.

He held the Assamese community living there in very high esteem for carrying the essence of the Brahmaputra beyond shores and added that the community there is instrumental in representing and spreading in the global arena the message of peace, love and harmony that is at the core and heart of every Assamese.

In many ways, it marks a beginning and establishes a new era of cultural exchange between artistes and the Assamese community living in Australia. On one hand it has brought the relatively small but extremely successful Assamese community closer home and on the other, Mayukh and Laili have opened up the floodgates for a host of other contemporary artistes who have traditionally been traveling and performing mostly in the US, UK and the Middle East, a trend that includes themselves.

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Mayukh-Laili enthrall Assamese in Australia

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