Narendra Modi on illegal Bangladeshi migrants – Post 16 May will be disaster


Modi wave was in the air – everyone is talking about change(change of what?) – as May 16 is fast approaching. For the diehard Modi fans, it’s time to introduce the Gujarat model all over India. In Assam too, this so-called Modi wave and Gujarat model of development is gripping the headlines of media. But the question that pokes the mind of the common people is, will this so-called Gujarat model touch this region? Will the new government pay heed to think beyond the chicken neck? To explore this, we need to explore the possible dark side and this is what prompted this article to surface.

This region and particularly Assam is home to uncountable ethnic groups and communities. It will be not wrong if I term Assam as home to the ethnic groups. The people of Assam have been always cooperative as they are peace-loving people by nature. But the rise of BJP in the region and in the center brings some suspense.

The BJP’s stand on internal security brings a lot of clout to the issue of main concern of this region. Draconian acts like Armed Forces Specials Powers Act still prevail in the region. And the BJP has not uttered a word on its manifesto, nor did its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Instead it talked about bringing a new anti-terror mechanism but there are doubts over the success of such mechanism in curbing the extremist problem of Northeast.

On the other hand, as far as the development agenda of the BJP is concerned, it is projecting the Gujarat model without much debate on it. The Gujarat model of development has been praised by many BJP followers, but it doesn’t rule out the need of a debate on it. India is a diverse country and northeast in particular is the most diverse part of the country. So the success of a Gujarat model in this part of the country is highly debatable.

BJP and Narendra Modi has advocated in favor of small multipurpose dams to generate power. But the crucial big dams issue of the region has been kept under wraps. It is surprising that despite this, the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti which has protested against the construction of big dams in the region openly supported BJP in many constituencies.

Assam, the land of Blue Mountains and red river is blessed with all the possibilities available. But this region has been always used by the national political parties only for their own political gain. Subjecting the region to be exploited, the national political parties have never failed in picking up issues related to the interest of the mainland Indians from this region. But the price is always being paid by the people of Northeast alone.

The most crucial of all is the BJP’s stand on Bangladeshi immigrants. It has openly advocated on behalf of the Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh. But drawing a communal line on this topic can devastate the future of the region. And under such circumstances, even if the so called Gujarat model flourish, the BJP’s and Narendra Modi’s stand on the immigration issue will push the region at least 20 years back.

No doubt by stating that Hinduism is a way of life and not a religion in a recent television interview, Narendra  Modi downplayed the issue by going by the Supreme Court ruling. But can this bring an end to questions that arise in the mind of commons. When it comes to the commons, such things are irrelevant to reality. Narendra Modi spoke about secularism and again he spoke of giving persecution to the Hindu’s. Why should we draw such a line when it comes to immigrants?

The communal tense in Assam has already been fueled. Investigations are on to find out that propagated the violence. And as usual it will take some years (at least) to complete this investigation. But, till then it will be too late.  Post May 16 – the picture will not be the same. The people of Assam, who have taken the burden of illegal Bangladeshi migrants since a long time, are fed up and with little patience left to tolerate them anymore the situation will deteriorate further. And then it will be Narendra Modi who will have to be blamed.

Narendra Modi has divided entire India into two halves. To be precise it is his philosophy VS the rest, which doesn’t quite goes well with the people of Assam. For the radical Hindu’s here, it is time to rejoice. But for the moderates who want to walk into the future with the legacy of the land kept intact, it is time to mourn.

Assam witnessed one of the greatest uprisings against foreigners in 1979. The Assam movement as it is famously known led to the formation of a new government that assured to drive back the illegal foreigners. But what followed is history now and many of us know it well to what consequences it led. Many Muslims, who have more contributions to Assam were treated as illegal immigrants and were subjected to harassment. If Narendra Modi is talking on the lines of religion, than I can write it down that in the near future such incidents will surface again.

Recently, health and education minister of Assam Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma said that violence in the trouble torn districts of BTAD in Assam will increase after May 16. For the first time, AIUDF leader Badaruddin Ajmal even agreed to what Dr Sharma said. But if it happens in reality, they cannot be blamed. The seeds had been sown earlier.

Giving communal color to the issue of Bangladeshi immigrants, having blind faith on the Gujarat model of development with much debate on it and BJP’s muteness on draconian acts will be a disaster in the near future and i.e. post May 16. And if it happens the people of this country will be more responsible than the government because it is the people who elected this government.

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Narendra Modi on illegal Bangladeshi migrants – Post 16 May will be disaster

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 17 min