NDFB(R) claims ULFA Hardliner group’s statement as baseless

NDFB Press Release

By- Staff Reporter | Date- July 04, 2011

In a fresh press release sent by B Onjalu, Secretary of NDFB(R), the outfit claims the statement sent yesterday by ULFA hardliner faction’s Arunodoy Dohotiya as baseless and warned not to put any baseless allegation again.

Mentionable that, few days before the Chairmen of NDFB(R) Ranjan Daimary said to media, when he was produced at court, that they are not going to extend ceasefire anymore. After Ranjan Daimary’s statement, Arunodoy Dohotiya of ULFA hardliner faction sent a press release yesterday appealing NDFB(R) to not to blame ULFA for any act of Govt as like NDFB, ULFA too facing the same Army operation against the outfit.

As a counter of the press release of Arunodoy Dohotiya, B Onjalu today said, ‘There was no comparison between NDFB and ULFA in the statement made by Ranjan Daimary. If there was at all, it was on the issue of releasing ULFA leaders from the jail in the name of peace process while not showing any interest to the peace talk offered by NDFB.’ NDFB also appealed to ULFA not to create any baseless allegation which may lead any misunderstanding.

It is also mentionable that there were never any well understanding between NDFB and ULFA, and Times of Assam also revealed the same few days ago. But today’s press release sent by B Onjalu will raise the question about any ongoing joint hand between the NDFB(R) group and the Paresh Baruah led hardliner faction.

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NDFB(R) claims ULFA Hardliner group’s statement as baseless

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