Paresh Baruah has only a few cadres with him – Compelled to nod for Lateral Talk

The hardliner faction of ULFA, led by Paresh Asom alias Paresh Baruah, is now decreased for a number from 100 to 110 cadres following the last few years of internal crisis and operations by the Myanmar Army. One of the leaders (hesitated to disclose his name in the media) hardliner faction, that Paresh Baruah renamed as ULFA[Independent], informed Times of Assam yesterday.

A month before, Paresh Baruah formed a THREE PHASE panel of the outfit for various tasks, but all the panel members were the same in all three panels.

Though Paresh Baruah claimed ceasefire two times due to the Covid outbreak, the same source informed that, with hundreds below two hundred cadres, it is not possible for the long run. The Self Style Major General ranked cadre also said that “We do war cry with our motto, but we are lacking fresh recruitments for last three or four years. Through our CS (Chief of the Staff, i.e., Paresh Baruah) is against lateral talks, we are really outnumbered.”

The last mention is that, after Himanta Biswa Sharma became Chief Minister of Assam, Paresh Baruah has given nod for lateral talks, with no such pre-condition that Baruah used to utter in earlier “lateral talk references”.

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