Peter Pan is on the march again


peter pan

By- Dilip Dutta

The Peter Pan of students’ politics in Assam is on the march again with the Pied Piper’s flute on his lips. Who knows how many he is going to mesmerise in the Neverland this time and become lambs to be slaughtered in the pursuit of democratic rights from the monarch of the evil empire for whom 855 young lives were just spoilt children. In this Neverland memory is really that short! Is the abundantly made available alcohol in the Wine Shops so potent that even beats the wild Bhang (Cannabis Sativa) of Assam taken during their youth could make a tinniest dent to many I know? ‘Cause we do not know how to carry our finest with our every breath? Martyrs we call them. We do not demand justice for those murders. Our Peter Pan is miniscule in front of the HUGE STATE machinery so there is no point trying to get justice for the dead. Better avoid getting a bloody nose. After all the killers get promoted to a higher position in the security establishments perhaps with a bounty bag per scalp. So just be a lamb. It is foolhardy to roar like a lion. A bullet cost a dime only. No bullets please, thanks.

Moni Kumar Subba or Kalidas Biadya must be in his good books. Could it be that our Peter Pan is also a secret leader of the Banga Sena of Banga Bhumi? After all that is his parental home as per reports! Hey, what about the perfume Baron? Oh I must be joking. How can one even point a little finger to the friend of the Signora the Empress of India? He no longer needs to manipulate statistics like in mid 40s when 13% Muslim population was massaged with statistical lie to 35%. Milli Gazette analysis of 6 September 2012 make it even less than that i.e @32 % in 1935! Our Peter Pan knows the truth. But officially he cannot decry the appeasement of these so called minority population. How can he be blamed? After all on 2 September 2012 Jihadi rioters at Mayur Vihar Delhi were given freehand and police were ordered not to fire on these servants of God.

Our Peter Pan may not be from the lineage of Abraham. But remove the A from Abraham makes another sect who are fond of offering brutal sacrifices and wonder if those blood thirsty deities are now about to give the boon to his worshipers. Ishmail’s progeny from the moans of the severed jugulars of many millions of brutalised animals and Brahm progeny from the sprouting blood from the headless carcasses at the place of KammaKhaya of the Pali period, an occupied alien shrine since, at Nilachal, the Jihadist striding ahead on their promised victory over the infidels and our Peter Pan given the magic lamp !

What is our Peter Pan do with the magic lamp? He could of course magically unlock all the secrets of the Jihadist and banish darkness with light of knowledge. But it cannot be expected to be a reality in the Neverland.

On the other hand, he might know how to rub the magic lamp right way round and make the Genie come out to the miracle and make Peter Pan a tower of strength in beautiful saffron and make him a king in is dream Everland. After all he is a charming fellow.

People of Assam must decide now if our future is Neverland or Everland OR neither of the two but a home for no other than Assamese.

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Peter Pan is on the march again

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