Police raid at Blitz Editor house


Police at Blitz EditorBy- Staff Reporter | Date- August 23, 2012

A team of police from Uttara Police Station led by Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Alamgir forcefully entered the residence of Weekly Blitz editor on Wednesday morning and conducted unlawful raid thus humiliating editor’s wife and other members of his family. The entire incident was witnessed by members of the local community police in Uttara as well as neighbors.

According to eye witnesses, at 10:50 am in the morning, a contingent of police accompanied by some unidentified youths along with members of the local community police entered the residence of the Weekly Blitz editor and started searching the entire house. When ASI Alamgir was asked to explain the reason behind such search or show any search warrant, he threatened the editor of the newspaper of dire consequences if his (Alamgir) actions were protested or challenged. Meanwhile the ASI of police crashed into the bedroom of the editor and started shouting and compelled the editor’s wife to wakeup. ASI Alamgir even tried to forcefully abduct the editor of Weekly Blitz, which was prevented by other members of the house.

When the illegal actions of ASI Alamgir and his gang went beyond tolerance level, sensing extreme insecurity of being abducted by the members of Bangladesh Police the editor of Blitz brought the matter to the attention of senior officials of Bangladesh Police and protested such illegal activities. He was assured immediate investigation into the matter and departmental action against the alleged police officer. Meanwhile, understanding the consequence of intruding into the residence of the editor illegally and conducting unlawful raid, ASI Alamgir confessed that he entered the house without any consent of his higher authorities and there had been no legal authorization with him for conducting such raid. He even confessed in presence of other witnesses that his team was misled by some unscrupulous element within the neighborhood. It was later learnt that, one of the neighbors of the Blitz editor’s residence misused ASI Alamgir for harassing the Weekly Blitz editor thus terrorizing his family.

When contacted, responsible sources at Police Headquarters told Weekly Blitz that it was totally unaware of ASI Alamgir and his team visiting the residence of the editor and conducting raids, which is punishable offense under the existing laws of the Police Discipline Act as well as Bangladesh Penal Code. Another source told Weekly Blitz that the matter was already under investigation by authorities concerned in Bangladesh Police for identifying the fact as to why ASI Alamgir intruded into the residence illegally and conducted such unlawful raids including humiliating the female members of the family.

It may be mentioned here that, in recent days, Bangladesh Police has greatly gone undisciplined and unruly as it has been greatly polluted by politically motivated figures posted into imported posts in various level. The members of the police are also accused of grossly engaged in series of illegal actions including forceful abduction, extortion and other forms of unlawful activities.

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Police raid at Blitz Editor house

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