Possible Suicide Car Bomb Attack forces Varanasi Administration to cancel Modi’s Rally

There has been reports that a suicide car bomb attack planned on BJP’s Prime Ministerial Nominee Narendra Modi during his rally in Varanasi. This is the same reason – that the Local Administration had initially refused to give permission to Modi for the rally, citing security reasons.

As per sources, a Sliver color Qualis vehicle was lifted from Hasimpur Road, Allahabad on April 29, 2014 by miscreants. This same car with Number UP70/AB7387, Engine number 2L9823582 and Chassis number LFT501099956 was planned for imposing a suicide attack on Narendra Modi. However alternate means of attack can not be ruled out either.

It is yet not certain who might be behind this attack plan and security agencies are working on unfolding the hidden truth. Political insiders are pointing at both Opposition as well as Anti-Modi elements within BJP for this alleged plan of attack. Terrorist links cannot be ruled out either.

Few days before, intelligence bureau too revealed that Narendra Modi is in the hit list of jihadist.

(With input from our UP Correspondent.)

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