Sarita Toshniwal Murder case investigation by CID under question


The role of the Assam police’s Crime Investigation Bureau(CID) has often been questioned due to its delayed or incomplete investigations time and again. Questions have been asked about its internal corruption, political influences in decision making and misuse of power many a times.

The same has been repeated in the case of murder of Sarita Toshniwal, a junior doctor and a Postgraduate student of Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh, who was brutally killed on May 9 during her duty hours in the ICU of the gynecology department. Based on the revelations of Kiru Mech, the ward boy who was allegedly involved in this – the police had arrested Dipmoni Saikia – a final-year PG student of the same department as the prime suspect. However, CID who was entrusted with the case failed to deliver even a charge sheet within 90 days of arrest and as such the main suspect was released on bail under section 302, 34 and 120(B) of Indian Penal code.

Family paying tribute to Sarita Toshniwal

Not only Sarita’s family, but even all sections of the society has been shocked at this lack of ownership and effort from the CID in the matter in providing justice to the family of late Sarita. The accusation is that CID deliberately delayed the charge sheet so that Saikia could be released on bail.

It has to be mentioned that with CID, this is not a new accuse. Times of Assam can cite several examples of the past where CID has allegedly let the corrupt and the guilty go away clean, for hefty amount of money bribed to some of its middle or senior level officers.

The investigation of killing of journalist Anil Majumdar case was not properly handled by CID, so – later Chief Minister of Assam forwarded the case to CBI. CID managed to get the sketch of the killer who shot Majumdar. Even so, the sketch wasn’t released for public notice – instead of publishing in few local Assamese newspaper. This was major drawback for which killing of journalist Anil Majumdar is still not investigated properly, and the killers are conversely unreachable.

On 14 August, 2011 – CID had arrested the four co-owners(members of Management Board) of Sambhav Real Estate & Developers in case of fraud under section of 420, 120(B) & 406 of IPC. The whole group had cheated off many people with scam of crores of money by promising them flats in Guwahati. When this group was arrested (for the sake of it perhaps!) – a leader from Youth Congress Niranjan Deka was found managing the CID officials. Breaking all protocols – the group was put up comfortably in cell number 7 of the old Gauhati Central Jail(Machkhowa campus). The Cell No 7 of old Gauhati Central Jail is known as most luxurious Cell to all who spent in that jail.

Whereas by protocol – everyone has to be put into cell number 1 first before allocated their own cells (Example – Insurgents are allocated the TADA cell). The group was found to be helped with cigarettes, gutkhas, odomos, etc in lockup by CID officials themselves and in within 6 days – they were granted bail. Similarly the CID personals often misuse the Panbazar police station by putting up arrested criminals and letting them off – without the knowledge of the DSP or SP of concerned.

This is indeed high time the CID has to be checked upon. Sarita’s family has filed an RTI application asking the reasons for the delay from CID, but only time will tell if this results into something.

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Sarita Toshniwal Murder case investigation by CID under question

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 10 min