Senior ULFA leader Antu Chawdang arrested in Bangladesh


By- Correspondent

Senior ULFA leader Captain Antu Chawdang alias Upen Burhagohain has been arrested in Bangladesh, an unofficial source informs Times of Assam late evening today.

Captain Antu Chawdang, who hails from Sadia, was known as the one of last 4 closest of Chief of the Staff of the military wing of ULFA Colonel Paresh Baruah, who were beyond of the Government of India’s capture. Amongst those 4 closest of Paresh Baruah, now, only Lt Bijoy Chinese alias Bijoy Das (Commander of 28 Battalion), Lt Drishti Rajkhowa alias Manoj Rabha and Major Jeeban Moran are there.

Government of India and Assam yet to declare the arrest of Antu Chawdang officially.

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Senior ULFA leader Antu Chawdang arrested in Bangladesh

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 2 min