SIP’s ABACUS & Brain Gym launch Nagaon


By- Diganta Talukdar

SIP’s ABACUS, Brain Gym & Speed writing training center was launched in Nagaon with a demonstration programme at Christ Jyoti School in Nagaon town on Saturday. A general knowledge test along with Sit & Draw competition was organized among the students studying from Class I to Class VII. The demonstration on the concept of the programme was conducted by Subhajit Mallick, the regional manager of eastern circle for SIP ABACUS and Brain Gym.

Master Bedanta Khatri, a forth standard student of Kolkata demonstrated the actual calculation using his virtual memory without the help of any electronic calculating machine. Master Khatri, who had completed the 8th level of ABACUS training course, answered any calculation within a fraction of second without any instrument mesmerized the students and the teachers attended the program.

It is to be mentioned that SIP ACADEMY, Malaysia, an internationally acclaimed Organization, dedicated to the cause of developing the mental potential of school going children in the age group of 6 to 12. This Brain Development programme includes training in ABACUS; Brain Gym & Speed Writing is highly acclaimed in the World.

The brain development programme is successfully running in almost all the states in the country through more than 535 learning centers with over 105000 students of various reputed schools enjoying the benefits of our programme as told to media by Mr. Tarunava Dutta, Head of SIP, Assam. On its launching day, more than 87 students joined the academy.

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SIP’s ABACUS & Brain Gym launch Nagaon

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