Tata TeleServices’ fraudulent activity using the name of Tis Hazari Court

There is nothing new for anyone to have been called up by recovery agents hired by financial institutions and telecom companies. It is equally a stale story now that many of those recovery agents hired by financial institutions and telecom companies makes threatening calls to their clients to recover dues, while claiming to be warrant officers from Delhi Court and Tis Hazari Court.

Yes,- if you or one of your friend is in the receiving end,- getting tensed because of Advocates of Tis Hazari Court who are threatening you with arrest, fine of huge sums of money, etc,- Times of Assam would actually ask you to smile and relax.

People across the country, mostly those in Metros have often complained of getting calls where the caller identifies himself as the warrant officers of Delhi Court or Tis Hazari Court, saying that warrants have been issued against them in cheating or recovery cases. Almost all of such cases were found to be fraudulent cases where the Recovery agents use such pressure tactics with consumers. After these cases came out in the open through various consumer forums (such as www.consumercourt.in), people starting giving importance to such calls. In fact, several National level newspapers carried out massive reports of such fraudulent activities of recovery agents as well.

Some examples can be found in links below:

  • http://www.consumercourt.in/product-services/64941-threatening-calls-reliance-communication.html
  • http://www.consumercourt.in/mobile-services/85061-tata-tele-services-nodal-officer-complaints.html
  • http://www.consumercourtforum.in/f5/threaten-call-advocate-tata-indicom-81293/
  • http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/8510922709

However this time, it is the turn of  Tata who is trying these extremely dirty tactics in Assam. After shutting shop in the state, Tata Tele Services is reported to be using this method of calling its past customers for recovery of dues. An investigation from Times of Assam has found that across several districts of Assam, people have been receiving hoax calls from people who either claim themselves to be advocates of Tis Hazari Court or warrant officers! People of the state, usually being ignorant about legal aspects fall easy prey and end up doing what these recovery agents to do so. There are even complaints that people who have cleared all their dues have also got similar calls and they have ended up paying once more, for the fear of going to Jail or paying huge fines!

Ratan Tata – your ethics down the drain?

During a TV interview on July 9th, 2012 the then Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata had regretted for his failure in creating a truly open, flat, transparent organisation. It was evident that he was deeply pained because of Tata group getting dragged into the 2G spectrum allocation controversy (after the tapes of corporate lobbyist Nira Radia were leaked to the media). Tata, who was stepped down his chair in December 2012, had however given a blind eye when his company got a chance in October 2012.

The three CDMA licenses of Tata Teleservices (among the 122 licenses) cancelled by the Supreme Court in February 2012,- something which had pained Ratan Tata so much, were the telecom circles of Jammu & Kashmir, North-East and Assam respectively. Since Tata Teleservices did not have any more spectrums to operate in these areas, the only way Tatas could have lived to their words of ethics and values was to buy, or at least bid for buying spectrum in these areas. But Tatas chose not to and simply decided to ignore their 3,20,000 plus customers (figures from media sources) in these three circles. The government had fixed a reserve price of Rs 4,550 crore for each block in 800 MHz band, which is used for offering CDMA services. Tata simply withdrew from the bid stating that it was too high a price!

These customers, who have bought their CDMA device (CMDA Land Line device, Photon, Photon+ etc) at different costs (starting from Rs 4499 to Rs 1199), were actually robbed off by Tatas. Except for few towns and districts, where the services were taken up by another service provider, people had no option but to throw their Tata Photon devices down the Brahmaputra. Mentionable that, all the devices sold by Tata Teleservices became unusable after they stopped their services in North East India and Jammu-Kashmir.

There were huge numbers of customers who bought the device and had paid security fees, only never to be served nor returned off its fees. This it was ethically cheating from the Tatas. Instead of making amends, they are now found to be using their recovery agent posing as Advocates to threaten their past customers and mint money out of those threatening fraudsters! What a shame!

3 things you must do if you get a call from Tis Hazari court

If you receive a call from some Mr. Rathore or Gupta from Tis Hazari Court or from numbers like +919891447331(this number traced by Times of Assam team) or so, , Delhi threatening you of criminal cases filed against you, try the following 5 things:

1. Ask the caller to send you an SMS and/or email as written proof, in addition to mailing you a copy of the legal notice for the case registered against you. In all probability, the fake lawyer will back off. However, if the caller is stupid enough to send you an SMS or email, you now have his/her name, phone number, and enough evidence to go straight to the police and file an FIR against the so-called advocate.

2. Send one letter (registered A/D) to the telecom services head office, local office & email IDs about what is going on and tell them that you will claim harassment charges from the telecom company if further unsolicited phone calls are received.

3. Block your phone number for unsolicited calls by sending sms to the service provider

Most importantly, before it is too late one must act immediately. Most people patiently wait to adjust which helps encouraging the miscreants.

4 things you must know if you get a call from Tis Hazari court

1. You cannot actually be arrested for Credit debt; atleast not without a FIR being filed against you and your Local police station not knowing about it. Being in debt and owing money in general is a civil issue, not a criminal issue.

2. You can search for the case in http://courtnic.nic.in/DDC_TisHazari/partyqry.asp, whether there is any case against you or not.

3. People who call up claiming themselves as advocates or warrant officers are usually recovery agents and there is no provision of court officers calling up people. A warrant officer is not a permanent post but is appointed by the HC only in case of habeas corpus petitions.

4. It is illegal for any recovery agent to threaten a consumer according to Supreme Court verdict and you have all the right to challenge the Telecom Company to court if they do so.

The worst part of this whole thing is that  Telecom Companies (the Tatas in this case) are actually completely aware of what’s going on in the background and yet adapt to these dirty practices. Very evidently the Government is aware too; but cannot take any action against these capitalists who runs the country in the true sense.

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