The Hunger – 11 years and counting


The Hunger - 11 years and counting

Symbolic human representation of Irom Sharmila was addressed on 18th August 2012 near Dighalipukhuri and platform was eventually staged to voice ones opinion by a group named Yellow Cab. There were guest came from Manipur including Irom Sharmila’s siblings.

Yellow Cab have been travelling various places meeting different people, various classes and categories of people in the same society-people in the market, school, colleges, offices, railway station etc. They have been asking them about AFSPA act and Irom Sharmila and trying to know their views regarding this issue.

Yellow Cab also raised some questions to the people as why Irom Sharmila’s evn after eleven years of fasting the central government hasn’t done anything? If any other places of India do the same thing for even a week or so it becomes the national issue, even the ruling party wishes to talk to with them, then why is it not the same with Irom Sharmila?

They invited every classes of people in the society to ensure participation and further success of the campaign.

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The Hunger – 11 years and counting

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 3 min