The whereabout of Paresh Barua

Paresh Barua
Paresh Barua

: Guwahati, Sptember 26, 2010

Probably the most valued question in this world, if asked about Insurgency. As the LTTE supremo & Al-Qaida Chief Osama Bin Laden also have been traced, while neither Indian intelligence nor Interpol have any photograph also by which Paresh Barua can be identified. Media reports and Intelligence sources reveal this whenever this question was brought to issue.

This photograph(with this news) is as the last photograph claimed by all Intelligence sources, Media reports & several surrendered cadres & leaders of the outfit itself. This photograph is being said of 1996, taken in Bhutan camp when he visited last.

But is that really true? In 2002, several Media published a group photo of ULFA leaders claiming about a meet for organizational reformation. In that photograph, media claimed the presence of the ULFA C-in-C Paresh Barua, Cahirmen Arbinda Rajkhowa, Foreign Secretary Shashadhar Choudhury & NDFB Chairman Ranjan Daimary. The photograph existed till few months back in various web portals. But after the arrest & deportion of the outfit’s top leaders Chairman Arbinda Rajkhowa, Dy C-in-C & Military Spokesman Major Raju Barua, Foreign Secretary Shashadhar Choudhury & Finance Secretary Chitraban Hazarika, the photograph went hidden or changed dramatically from all the internet resources.

Source: Web search

Look the photograph which changed dramatically, leaving only Arbinda Rajkhowa in the scene. In that photograph, Paresh Barua was sitting on a chair just right back of Arbinda Rajkhowa. Barua was in the pose of facing his head to bottom of the floor, while all other were attending the meeting with files and documents in the round table. The photograph of Paresh Barua said about his older age impact on his face & hairs. A secret un-official sources revealed to Times of Assam, that Paresh Barua has already lost his several teeth and uses artificial teeth after 2003. The source also revealed that the hairs & beard of Paresh Barua turned to white due to his older age and he uses clean shave due to this reason. Revealing more about Paresh Barua, the source also stated that Barua doesn’t trust anybody and he always stays alone, even away from his family too. It is yet an mysery, how and why the photograph dissapeared from internet resources which were easily available from various websites till before few months.

After the recent crack down to the outfit, while Paresh Barua has sent a press release about the new appointment of  Arunodoi Dohotiya as the new member of the outfit’s publicity wing to communicate with the media, it has been claimed by the same source that the Arunodoi Dohotiya is none else but the same cadre named Rubel, about whom Times of Assam has revealed in earlier news.

Earlier, few months back, a National media published report about paresh Barua’s arrest in Bangladesh which was denied by both Government of India and Bangladesh Government. But it is found confirmed by the same source of Times of Assam, that Paresh Barua was really arrested that time. But due to the major offence against him i.e. the Arms deal of 2004, which forced several Top Army official and Politicians of Bangladesh to Jail, Bangladesh government had to keep the issue of his arrest hide & secret from outer world. Because if the Bangladesh Government announces officially about Paresh Barua’s arrest then, due to the Judicial procedure related with the Arms deal case, which does not allow the government to deport him to India instead of throwing him to Jail, as he was the prime accussed of that case. After denying Barua’s arrest, India and Bangladesh Government is looking for  a diplomatic solution by which barua can be deported to India.

The recent 2 email press release also revealed that the both came from a Broadband line used via Landline telephone provided by Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board which is a Government service of Bangladesh like BSNL of India. This is also an indication of Paresh Barua’s recent position, which is totally under control of Bangladesh Government. The earlier press realses sent by Lt Anu Burhagohain alias Lt Anjan Borthakur were sent using Grameen Phone GPRS.

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The whereabout of Paresh Barua

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