ULFA accuses Indian Army for railway track blast


By- Staff Reporter |Date- November 22, 2011

The United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) has alleged that the Indian Army has killed two of its cadres in a planned bomb blast at Sonari, Sibsagar. In an email press release sent by the outfit’s publicity commander Arunodoy Dohotiya, the outfit accused that two of their cadres were arrested non-armed a day earlier by the Indian Army. The duo was tied to a bomb and was blasted off at a railway track to portray that they had been killed while trying to plant a bomb in the tracks, the outfit alleged.

ULFA also condemned some section of media reporting that the duo was killed while trying to bomb the Brahmaputra Mail. It stated that the outfit has never ever bombed any passenger train in the past and would never do the same in future. It also stated that the scattered dead bodies of their two Assamese youths killed would only make the resolve for Independent Asom more powerful.

The two ULFA cadres killed in this bomb blast are reported to be Ramen Dhadumia alias Jitu Borah and Hiren Gogoi. It is to be mentioned that Ramen Dhadumia alias Jitu Borah was the same person who sent emails as Jit Borah, during the time of Jatiyo Abhibartan.

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ULFA accuses Indian Army for railway track blast

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