ULFA Acting Chairman slams former DGP G M Srivastava

ULFA Acting Chairman slams former DGP G M Srivastava

By- Staff Reporter | Date- February 24, 2012

A day after ULFA claimed that former Director General of Assam Police and Security Advisor to the Chief Minister Ghanashyam Murari Srivastava was the master mind behind the secret killings in Assam, the darkest chapter in the state’s history, now the recently appointed Acting Chairman of the militant outfit has taken on the former DGP.

In an email sent to Times of Assam by ULFA Acting Chairman Dr Abhizeet Asom(earlier Dr Abhizeet Bormon), Srivastava was slammed hard and was called as a big liar and conspirator who would one day face the punishment for the genocide that he created. The Acting Chairman came down heavily on Srivastava for accusing that a woman teacher from Assam’s Tinsukia district who left her kids and family to join the militant outfit was having an affair with him (ULFA Acting Chairman).

It is to be mentioned that Jahnabi Mahanta Rajkonwar, a woman teacher and a renowned writer in the state from Naharkatia in Upper Assam had left her kids and family on February 13 to join the ULFA in order to pursue the dream of an Independent Asom. Her husband had later found a letter which stated that she had joined the outfit not out of any emotional decision but as a well thought out plan to follow her ideology. The news of a respected woman teacher and writer joining the outfit has taken the security scenario by storm as it proved that the hardliner militant outfit still enjoyed a huge support base in public, contrary to the claims of the Government.

Reportedly, Srivastava who was earlier called as the Hitler of Indian Colonial rule by ULFA stated that Jahnabi had left home because she had an affair with the ULFA head.

ULFA Chairman Dr Abhizeet Asom also challenged the former DGP to reveal his actual identity if he could.

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ULFA Acting Chairman slams former DGP G M Srivastava

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