ULFA Father Bhimkanta Burhagohain dies of Heart Attack

Bheemkanta Burhagohain Bhimkanta Burhagohain

By- Staff Reporter | Date- December 19, 2011

Founder of United Liberation Front of Asom(ULFA) Father Bhimkanta Burhagohain died of heart attack today afternoon. Popularly known as Mama, Burhagohain succumbed to death at his native house of Ahomgaon, Tinsukia. As reported, the eighty plus old lifelong bachelor Bhimkanta Burhagohain alias Bishnujyoti Burhagohain died following a cardiac arrest.

Being a former Indian Army personal, Bishnujyoti Burhagohain formed the insurgent group ULFA in 1979 along with 6 other members. Mentionable that at that time neither Paresh Baruah nor any other current leaders were in the outfit. Burhagohain found a famous football player of NF railway, Paresh Baruah to be fit for the Commander of his outfit to lead the armed struggle of Sovereign Asom. Bishnujyoti Burhagohain later took the alias as Bhimkanta Burhagohain being involved with insurgency. The ULFA leader & cadres named Burhagohain as Mama and Father by honor, but he was popularly known as Mama by all Assamese people.

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ULFA Father Bhimkanta Burhagohain dies of Heart Attack

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