ULFA hardliner faction threatens to launch attack on Indians

ULFA Press Release sent by Arunodoy Dohotiya

By- Staff Reporter | Date- June 13, 2011 | Place- Guwahati

ULFA hardliner faction has sent threatening to launch attack on Indian people residing in Assam if the fake encounters are not stopped immediately. In a fresh press release signed and sent by Arunodoy Dohotiya of the hardliner faction, it has been said that if the Indian occupational force don’t stop the killing of innocent indigenous people then the migratory people from various parts of India residing in Assam would have to face sever consequence by ULFA.

Mentionable that the day before yesterday Indian Army killed one Moon Moran injuring and capturing other two and claimed them as ULFA member of Paresh Baruah faction. Later on, the Paresh Baruah faction in a press release yesterday declared that, both Moon Moran and other two were neither ULFA cadres nor they had any link with the outfit.

In the same press release sent today, the hardliner faction of ULFA also appealed the Assam Police Department to stay away from daring to threat and torturing innocent indigenous Assamese people.

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ULFA hardliner faction threatens to launch attack on Indians

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 3 min